Biking is a little scarier in Davis

I know that no city is completely safe, but I can’t help but feel a little extra scared biking in the early morning or late evening these days knowing that Clayton Garzon, the man accused of beating Mikey Partida while using anti-homosexual slurs AND previously knifing folks in Dixon, is out there. I know he is innocent in the eyes of the law until proven guilty, but the accounts out there don’t leave much doubt and I have to protect myself. I don’t think the GPS monitor he has to wear now that they have upped his bail ($500k, already posted) is going to do much to protect me, but I am glad he has to keep away from Mikey Partida. (Has anyone heard if he also has to keep away from the Partida family?)

Reading some of the comments on local news has been disheartening. On the Davis Patch, commenter “Jamon Turner” shrugs off the slurs as not being hateful, just normal parlance. On the same article, commenter “JJ Lawrence” writes “Davis is full of hate crimes and racism that is NEVER addressed because the parents are either political figures in this community or know the right people” — and he uses this to tell us that we should not judge Clayton Garzon. The argument is that because other people get away with hate crimes and racism, Clayton Garzon should too! Frightening.

There are a lot of aggressive drivers to fear in Davis. The ones I’ve had the most trouble with look too old to be college students and the recent cyclist deaths have been due to residents driving, not students. Now I keep my eye out for this guy as a pedestrian too.

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