Picnic Day Coming

With all the reminders about Picnic Day streaming in, I’m reminded of what I originally heard about the event. As a first year, it was initially described to me by a long-time Davis resident as some sort of major blight on the city where UC Davis students get drunk and obnoxious starting at 10am and ruin the quality of life for the residents. After hearing this from multiple Davis residents, I was shocked to see so many locals on campus during Picnic Day, enjoying all the festivities to the point of sometimes cutting in line in front of UC Davis students! Campus mostly seemed like a wholesome family-friendly place.

Going off-campus I did see more student-aged groups outside than usual and they were more likely to try to attract attention but they weren’t particularly loud. I was more concerned about the extremely aggressive driving of non-student-aged people in the area who showed very little love for sharrows and law-abiding cyclists. It’s a shame the enhanced safety policies in the zones near campus don’t apply to them. The police are only interested in enforcing the laws on students, not on murderous non-student drivers.

Anyway, perhaps it got worse at night. I had left by then. Still, it wasn’t the 10am-onward public drunkeness spectacular I had been led to believe.

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