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I noticed that over the years, the UC Davis police has dropped the word “Hate” from the titles of crime alerts where hate is clearly a factor. You need to download the PDF find the details.

This includes the recent assault of someone while sexual orientation slurs were being yelled. (I’m not referring to Mikey Partida here. This is another incident.

This also includes outright threats that included racial slurs right in the Mondavi Center/Mrak Hall area.

Students shouldn’t have to go digging to find this stuff. At my previous institution, the administration and security was much more proactive about disseminating information about crime. It’s as if UC Davis is more interested in its image that keeping students safe.

I’m also disheartened that these incidents are so shrug-worthy to the campus population that the student newspaper, The Aggie, doesn’t even mention them.

Check them out yourself ( ) to read some of the reported incidents of hate-related vandalism, threats, battery, and assault. This list is clearly not comprehensive of all the events on campus though. For example it is missing the swastikas and vandalism to the LGBT and women’s centers that have occurred over the past several years. It also doesn’t account for the many sexual assault/rape incidents the university is federally forced to report (albeit rather late) thanks to the Clery Act (e.g. Of course, the Clery Act documents seem to be under-listing the amount of hate incidents compared to what’s on the Davis Wiki!

Some of the incidents you need to go to yet another page for like the note from the “KKK” telling people to go away ( ).

Then’s there’s the daily crime log which UC Davis uploads as a PDF with page settings so it won’t open in browser. They’re really making this more obnoxious than it needs to be. These logs have almost no detail though — hate is never mentioned in any of the summaries.


The first I learned about Picnic Day was a long time Davis resident explaining it to me. As she was going on about the excessive drinking that I have yet to observe, she claimed that the “girls” who drink and wear skimpy clothing deserve it when they get raped.

No. Full Stop.

No one deserves to be raped.

This isn’t a isolated opinion either. I was discussing this downtown and none of the Davis residents disagreed with this woman’s opinion.

It’s been hot and sunny every Picnic Day since I got here. Now Davis residents think that female students who wear shorts and a tank top deserve to be raped? Adding to the hypocrisy, I saw some middle aged and over women at Picnic Day with plunging necklines and shorts. (The ones that drew attention were acting loud and obnoxious too. I’m sure if they were students they would be labeled as ‘drunk.’) Why is it okay when residents dress for comfort but ‘deserving rape’ when it’s students?