Davis residents think students deserve to be raped

The first I learned about Picnic Day was a long time Davis resident explaining it to me. As she was going on about the excessive drinking that I have yet to observe, she claimed that the “girls” who drink and wear skimpy clothing deserve it when they get raped.

No. Full Stop.

No one deserves to be raped.

This isn’t a isolated opinion either. I was discussing this downtown and none of the Davis residents disagreed with this woman’s opinion.

It’s been hot and sunny every Picnic Day since I got here. Now Davis residents think that female students who wear shorts and a tank top deserve to be raped? Adding to the hypocrisy, I saw some middle aged and over women at Picnic Day with plunging necklines and shorts. (The ones that drew attention were acting loud and obnoxious too. I’m sure if they were students they would be labeled as ‘drunk.’) Why is it okay when residents dress for comfort but ‘deserving rape’ when it’s students?

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