Monthly Archives: June 2013

One of my responses to being continually marginalized in Davis is making sure the city gets as little of my tax money as possible. I do my brick & mortar shopping and restaurant dining outside the city. I have my online purchases delivered to friends or my permanent residence and bring them back to Davis when I visit. It’s not much money lost to them (though books, school supplies, clothing, etc all add up) but it’s relatively easy for me to do and I get satisfaction knowing I’m not financially supporting a community with a significant intolerance problem it refuses to address.


A sad quote: “Krause said that at least once a week a student expresses feeling the impact of oppression in their lives in Davis.” [ ]

An important quote: “Violence won’t just disappear and the future doesn’t just “get better.” Making the future safe for sexual and gender expression is hard work. Our community leaders need to be the ones protecting and informing us and, if they don’t, we need to break the silence ourselves.” [ ]