Monthly Archives: September 2013

UC Davis recently released their 2013 Campus Security Report (Clery Act) statistics. They report NO hate crimes or hate motivation for 2012, but a quick search easily brings up a January 30, 2012 hate-inspired vandalism incident t the Women’s Resources and Research Center (WRRC):

The WRRC is on campus. Note that the Hate and Bias Incident Reporting System was used and a police report filed. Davis in the past has claimed “but no one reported it!” when incidents happened right in front of police officers and administrators (who did nothing), but this is clearly not the case here. How many less publicized hate incidents are being quashed by UC Davis’ untruthful reporting?

I suppose they could mean the 2012-3 school year, but there are plenty of incidents clearly reported to the campus police then too:

The DOE reviews compliance for this:

Since this doesn’t fall under the DOE’s Office for Civil Rights, it looks like the general complaint form is the way to go:

See UC Davis misrepresent crime statistics here: