UC Davis places barriers to Hate reporting

UC Davis makes it more difficult to report hate or bias incidents by not having an online form like other UC schools such as UCSD and UCSC have Instead, a reporter must make a phone call. I’ve had very negative experiences with phone calls with campus staff. I much prefer something that can be tracked electronically and in which I won’t be blown off by a campus administrator who believes the hate I experience is not a big enough deal or tries to talk me out of reporting. Considering how many of my forms have mysteriously ‘vanished’ despite my submitting them the same as other students in my cohort and considering how many times electronic records of these forms saved me, I would feel much more comfortable with an online form.

Victims and concerned parties may instead report through the UC-wide form: https://ucsystems.ethicspointvp.com/custom/ucs_ccc/ I don’t know if this form is better, but at least there is a tracking system associated with it.

Though there’s proof that UC Davis did have reported hate incidents in 2012, despite the doctored numbers shown in their Clery statistics, one has to wonder how much never sees the light of day because Davis tries to squelch it by making reporting so difficult.

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