Clayton Garzon disappears for 8 hours while on bail

Clayton Garzon, who recently struck a plea deal regarding his derogatory slur-laced, hate-fueled beating of Mikey Partida in Davis and his stabbing of others in Dixon, has been out on bail awaiting final sentencing where he will spend a paltry 2.5 years in local jail and receive one strike for his two extremely violent crimes. Recently he allowed his GPS tracker to run out of battery, allowing him 8 hours where authorities were unable to track him. This was the second incident in which his tracker ran out of battery. Fortunately authorities reacted by seeking a judge the next day and having his release revoked.

It’s extremely discouraging that Garzon, and his family who bailed him out, do not take this seriously. It’s as if they think the law does not apply to them. They clearly do not care about the safety of others in Davis.

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