Monthly Archives: February 2014

I can’t count how many times I’ve tried to contact at UC Davis office regarding needed administrative activities and gotten no response. I’ve tried email, which I prefer because it leaves a record. I’ve tried phone calls — always to voicemail, rarely returned. I’ve tried voicemail plus an email to make a record that contact was initiated. I’ve tried coming in person and am told to wait in a chair near the front desk and then an hour later told no one can see me and to try email. More often than not, I won’t hear anything. At all. Ever.

So what to do? Pick another contact in the office and repeat the process. If the general email isn’t working, start trying individuals in the org. chart. Maybe after five or so, you’ll reach someone willing to respond. Maybe not.

Sometimes I get a response every five business days. It doesn’t matter how fast I respond, even within minutes of their response — I’m not hearing back for another week. I watch some opportunities evaporate and fees add up while this foot dragging on my paperwork happens.

It’s not like I don’t do my homework. I carefully read all of the information online before I get to this stage because I know it’s going to be such a headache for me.

A few times I’ve had to guess and hope that I don’t wake up to an email telling me I have a penalty because I did something wrong. (That’s happened.) A few times I had to get a third party involved.

It’s really frustrating when I see a fellow graduate student, without an ethnic name like mine, do the exact same thing I did and get a response in a reasonable amount of time. Sadly I have not been fortunate in getting these souls to help me, because they refuse to see that I’m having a problem.