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UC Davis Police use excessive force requiring an ambulance, refer to students in derogatory and racist ways, violate rights, and lie about the law. I want to hear more about this incident. Scary stuff.

There has been no response from the UCDPD or the administration. Though the letter writer is (understandably) anonymous, this was published in the campus newspaper and is a very serious allegation. I would expect a campus-wide email from the chancellor explaining the matter is under investigation.

The UC Davis police have a record of brutality and slurs. If something bad happens at UC Davis, especially if you’re a minority, you can’t expect the UC Davis police to help you. Your question is: who can help you when the police act this way to you? This incident demonstrates no one can.

I’m glad that the anonymous writer shared what they witnessed and The Aggie published it. I wonder how many other such incidents get buried. Unfortunately the climate at UC Davis doesn’t allow us to learn more about the whole story.


Looks like people’s efforts have paid off. UC Davis finally catches up to other UCs with an online hate incident reporting scheme. See here: 

It allows anonymous reporting. If you are reporting anonymously, try to access it from off-campus like at a cafe with free wireless. On campus, they can associate anything with your login.

Hopefully UC Davis will take the reports seriously. In case they don’t, I would also report any incidents to the UC-wide online system here: