Monthly Archives: March 2015

Here’s an interesting commentary from over at the Davis Vanguard about the Davis community’s knee-jerk denialism in response to anything remotely diversity-tinged:

Here’s another good quote from the lateness Breaking the Silence event, taken from the above article, originally from Theresa Geimer: ““The light came on, if it doesn’t happen to you, these subtle things, you don’t see them. But if it’s happening to you, it’s a slap in the face each time.”

Of course, I don’t think things are always so subtle at Davis. Yes, there are a ton of subtle things you get hit with being a minority — but then there are some bigger things that makes it harder just to, say, get a simple form submitted.

Here’s another interesting quote from the commentary:
“I remember my wife’s niece coming to visit, complaining about being followed by the police. When 2006 happened with the police issues, I came into contact with a large number of people of color and slowly their stories came together to form a very different picture of Davis than the one I knew previously or had personally experienced.

Many people of color, if not most, have a story about racial profiling or at least what seemed to them to be racial profiling. Many had stories of differential treatment in places of business. Many African-American students at UC Davis have told me that they feel extremely uncomfortable going into Davis because of how they are treated.”