Chancellor Katehi once again hiding hate rather than addressing it

Today Chancellor Katehi responded to the letter delivered yesterday via campus-wide email. Prompted by the photo of the UC Davis Women’s Lacrosse team dressing as “Mexican Gangsters”, as written about in The Aggie, the original letter lists several incidents including the Educational Opportunity Program’s office being vandalized with racial slurs, death threats against Arab students, homophobic graffiti at the LGBTQIA resource center, several derogatory parties themed with Latin@ stereotypes, and a mock KKK hood found at the African/African-American Living Learning Community.

Katehi’s tepid letter is a disappointment on many fronts. First, she doesn’t even link to the letter sent to her — only her response. Second, in both her email and her response letter, she does not mention any specific incident. She speaks vaguely. Community members who may not know of these incidents are NOT made aware of them or even linked to them in any way. Katehi is more interested in hiding the actual incidents than addressing them head on. By taking this vague approach, Katehi demonstrates she has no interest in creating a safe environment for UC Davis community members — just in meaningless platitudes that make UC Davis look like it’s taking matters seriously when it is clear that it is not.


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