UC Davis puts students in danger to save its image – again

UC Davis has a policy of trying to hide the pervasive hate that exists on its campus and in its surrounding town. This information hiding puts students in danger so that the campus can “look good.” It’s really all about money for these sheltered, privileged administrators who don’t give a lick what happens to the students on their campus. We deal with a multitude of aggressions, micro- and not every day but they will never admit to it — and admitting to it is but the first step in actually addressing it.

Today’s incident is in the form of a crime alert that alludes to a hate incident involving an attack on a dorm room — the bare minimum they can get away with reporting. However, it does not indicate what group is the target. Members of that group can not take necessary precautions because UC Davis is too busy trying to suppress any reporting on this incident. UC Davis would rather one of us suffer from an attack of physical violence before coming clean on the very real incidents facing this campus. That’s what UC Davis is about.

Updates for this incident will supposedly be posted to the police website. However, the UCD police website is a mess. They do not link to where the updates may be found. Furthermore, I’ve never seen an update for any crime alert incident reported there despite going through the maze. The UCD police website is just another maze in which UC Davis hides its clear hate for underrepresented people.

The UC Davis police has a history of hate against underrepresented groups including slurs, bullying, racial profiling and violently attacking students. It is easy for them to withhold the information we can use to protect ourselves.


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